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Opel Manta Radio


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To fit a modern size CD/stereo you need an extension housing as the dashboard is not deep enough for them. The original radio cassets were very shallow depth and all CD players are longer .

You could go for one of the modern radio/mp3/media players player that has no CD function, they are shallow enough to fit like the old original radios. That is what i have in mine and it hooks to iPod/iPhone or Android devices as well as having a USB port for memory sticks. Just load it with your music and leave it at that

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The (original) radio in my Coupe has seen better days and I'm considering my options. I have a CD Radio (c/w 12 x disc CD boot changer) which I retained from my last Manta (1986 black GTE....86-KE-1316...is she still alive?). I have trial-fitted this CD Radio and it is indeed too 'deep' to fit correctly without the required 'cage'.

- Does anybody here have a spare radio 'cage'?

- Alternatively, where did you purchase your "modern radio/mp3/media player", mantasrme?

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I went to Halfords and they have 'shallow' radios that have a USB port so that you can load music onto a USB stick and plug and play.  Also you can charge your phone from it too which is always handy.

Theh also have an aux port which can be used if necessary.

Not very expensive either.

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Maybe it would be better to trim the rear heater box so to can fit the standart radio DIN sized

I have a Blaupunkt Bremen SQR49 the top model of 1989 so i will trim the heaterbox to have it placed correctly

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