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cih 2000 wossner


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Vendo motor 2000 cih de opel manta con la siguiente preparacion

.cigueñal original trabajado con las guitarras afiladas

.volante motor muy aligerado y contrapesado juntamente con el cigueñal

.bielas pesadas

.pistones wossner 96mm

.culata cubicada (Rc 10.5) con valvulas grandes motor 2.4

.arbol de levas st17 

.taques mecanicos

.polea regulable

.escape 4-1 Iresa

.carburacion webber horizontal 45

.embrague ceramico

.bomba de agua nueva


Su precio es de 2000e y esta en olesa de montserrat, barcelona.



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Buy cih engine of Opel Manta 2000 with the following preparation Original .cigueñal worked with sharp guitars .volante engine lightened very poised and together with the crankshaft heavy .bielas .pistones Wössner 96mm .culata cubed (Rc 10.5) with large engine valves 2.4 ST17 cam .arbol mechanical .taques adjustable .polea .escape 4-1 Iresa Horizontal .carburacion webber 45 ceramic .embrague .bomba new water

looks like 2000€ for a CIH engine in Spain. Good luck

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Babel-Fish translates it to this:
For sale 2000 opel manta with the following preparation cih engine
original crankshaft worked with sharp guitars
engine flywheel very lightweight and counterbalanced together with crankshaft
heavy rods
96mm wössner Pistons
cubed head (Rc 10.5) with large valves engine 2.4
camshaft st17
mechanical lifters
adjustable pulley
escape 4-1 Iresa
carburetion horizontal webber 45
ceramic clutch
new water pump

Its price is 2000e and this in olesa de montserrat, barcelona

So i take that to be,

  • 2.0 CIH with Knife-edged Crank,
  • Lightened and balanced bottom end,
  • forged rods? (unless heavy means something else)
  • Wossner 96mm pistons (so its not a 2000cc engine!)
  • 10.5 to 1 Compression ratio
  • Big valve head with 2.4 valves
  • Steinmetz ST17 camshaft
  • solid lifters
  • vernier pulley
  • 4 into 1 exhaust manifold
  • twin 45 webers
  • ceramic clutch
  • a new water pump

Its £1514.98 and near Barcelona (which is 1138 miles from me by road!)

(Ha ha, Kev beat me to it while i was still translating :lol::lol:)

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Uauuu. Thanks for your translation!!!

 This sale is to be able to buy a Quaife sequential gearbox for my manta 400 replica. :thumbup

The rods aren't  forged. Original polished rods with the same weight.

The engine is a 2.0 but rectified to mount 96mm wossner pistons

I send photos for email

Sorry for my little english...:wacko:

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