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1 hour ago, Berlinetta said:

While I'm more of an 'orginal spec' kinda guy...I appreciate the amount of time and effort you have put into that project! Well done on a superb restoration!

I ilke the number plate btw! Is it '1 400'? ..or 'I 400'?

I 400 not a one.

not a show plate but personalised plate bought for the car

4 hours ago, plumster said:

Get rid of the black wheels & I will love it like a cheese butty.......

Will get BBS RS cores and do custom rim offset at some stage. But for now, black hides brake dust 

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4 hours ago, opelmantagsi said:

I 400 not a one.

Not a show plate but personalised plate bought for the car


Ah, thought as much. I recall seeing many such plates when I was living in NZ in 2004.

Nice touch for the Manta...not many (worldwide) with personalised plates I would suspect?!

I was lucky enough to obtain a Cherished Plate for my coupe when I imported it last year. It inclues the number '1'. :)

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