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Mk2 Carlton 1985 2.0GL easy project


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I bought this with the intention of saving it and selling it on anyway..... it was supposed to be a quick turn around but Ive got too much to do..... etc etc... and now ive been offered a job that I cant refuse so my spare time will be even less.

2.0 GL saloon CIH manual 5 speed. 1985. Ive been working through a list of jobs that will require it to pass an MOT. So far I have....

- Welded up and rehung the exhaust with new rubbers
- Welded a basic repair to the battery tray to hold a battery in place (not pretty but solid and un noticable)
- Replaced rear tyres with good part worns (gone from 175/85 to 195/70, much better size)
- Welded o/s lower A pillar
- Replaced Wiper blades
- Tweeked about with the carb, may need a bit more fetling to get running perfect.
- Removed the towbar (want it for my Rekord)
- Free off handbrake lever as the button is swollen (works so long as a bit of wd40 is on it)
- Re-heated the bumpers back to original non faded colour
- Replaced 1x fuel pipe n/s/r in front of wheel
- Washed outside and cleaned inside (force of habbit)

So far thats all Ive done. I will list what other jobs need to be done that I can see.

- Front tyres
- o/s/r sill repairing
- Rear valance o/s lower needs patching
- Front roll bar links (£18 off ebay)
- o/s/r light lens
- A few bulbs here and there, including dash illumination (possible reostat fault, same happened to the rekord)
- Possible diff fault..... found that the other day. Makes a clicking noise when you turn the prop by hand. I can include a spare diff for the right price!!!
- Front valance repairing (not an MOT fail but needs tidying up)

So in all honesty, not a great deal of work..... a weekends worth if youre good with the mig stick. I'll be doing bits and bobs on it this week if the weather stays half decent.

I will include a brand new fuel tank to go with this car, i dont think it needs one fitting but ive got one that i dont need anyway so it may aswell go with the car.






















Car Is located in Stoke on Trent. It owes me £400 with the new fuel tank..... or £350 without. Want to get back what it owes me.

Any questions please ask


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