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electrical terminal gauges


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my car has the wiring harness that did not have the oil psi guage so two of the holes in the plastic connector that goes to the dash are empty and dont have a wire or terminal in them

does anybody know what kind of terminal it is and whats it called  id like to get to of these to wire up to my oil psi sensor

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30 minutes ago, stradacab said:

You could cut some plugs from a scrap loom and solder the terminals in to use the original plug

That's what I do, de-pin the original plug and move the wires around to get everything except oil gauge, add 1 more wire salvaged from another plug to add the oil  (And of course the other plug for the Rev counter but that is another matter)

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There are no direct wiring requirements for the voltmeter, once the other wires are moved around in the socket it works automagically.

With ignition lights on and engine not running either terminal on the oil sender will light the lamp.

If pressure reads 0 with ignition lights not running and off scale high engine running and hence all or nothing meanwhile oil light glows dimly in the dark when engine hot and running chances are they are backwards.

Off scale high with ignition can also indicate a broken wire or faulty sender.

DO NOT try to undo the terminal nuts on the sender without gripping the flats on the terminal pins as you will usually break the insulators.

Swapping to two spade terminals helps, as does just reversing the wires in the connector to the bulkhead to save digging behind the manifold.

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