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blue exclusive hatch near city of m/cr stadium

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if the guy/gal who owns the blue exlcusive hatch i saw parked round the back of the flats on pollard st in manchester comes on here it looks like youve got a cracker there.first one ive seen `round here in years-i nearly got off the bus on my way home to have a butchers,but then realised how dodgy it could have looked!im still in shock (well nearly) at seeing another one after many years of having manta blindness

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I'm often zooming around that part of town - I'm in a Monaco blue exclusive coupe - but I doubt if anyone'd pull the emergency handle on a Stagecoach to take a closer look at mine as she's "cosmetically challenged".

I keep seeing a red D-plate hatch smoking around Mantachester.

We should do a convoy along the Mantacunian way - I once did that in an old silver GTE coupe I had at the time (would be 2003) - got in a convoy with a matching silver hatch - a guy and his young son.

Did we turn heads!

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finally pucked up the courage to have a look(im shy!!)and the roof has seen better days needs a new one really.i think may be an exclusive wannabe as it doesnt quite have that look(im no expert or owt).havent seen a coupe or this red one tho.you go up and down ashton new rd?

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