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6 pin wiper relay?


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Hi guys, 

I'm hoping to start pulling my cavalier apart soon, but one thing the car has always done is that when you put the wipers on intermittent they stop randomly on the windshield.

I had a look and found a 6 pin relay on the drivers side in the engine bay took it off had a look at it and just put it back on and they worked, until 1.5 minutes down the road when same problem, and this happened a couple of times, so i just want to replace the relay.

Only thing is i cant find one anywhere, does anyone know where to get one

Or better yet how to rewire this 6 pin one to work with say a more common 4 pin i can get from any shop/petrol station

Any help is greatly appreciated



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nope they will carry on for a moment then stop at any point on the windscreen, great fun to sort while your driving

im pretty sure its the relay as i hit it with a screwdriver and it worked fine (for about 5 minutes)

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