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Roof liner


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First start by getting all the roof bars in, ( I have a spair set of A Series bars if your doing an A )

Next get a heater and put it in the car, switch it on and wait 10 mins or so, untill the head linning is nice and warm.

Now pull and stretch the head linning in to place, making sure the seams front and back are going to the corrners of the screens. DON'T use any glue at this stage.

Fix the sides of the linning with clips or pegs. I use trim edgeing, like the trim round the door openings. I find this helps to stretch and hold the linner in place.

Once your happy with the fit, leave it all to settle and cool down for 24 hours.

Now working in 6-12 inch sections, remove the cips, or whatever you have used, and glue the linning down along its edges. While keeping an eye on the overall look of the linning.

Once again use the clips to hold in place while the glue sets.

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