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XE Comprehensive Conversion Value?


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Probably going to sell my 2.0 16V C20XE Engine conversion stuff, I'm just never going to find a reasonably priced Manta to make use of it all :(:angry::(

This is what I can remember I have off the top of my head...

** 2.0 16V C20XE Engine - Been sat/turned over now and again.
** 1.8 Manta Gearbox - Bought from respected OMOC member.
** Brand new SBD Twin Weber 45 Inlet Manifold!
** Conversion (Alloy?) engine mounts!
** 1.8 Manta Distributor setup with mount/pulleys!
** Alloy Big wing sump & pickup pipe!
** Brand new conversion clutch.
** Propshaft -- Unsure which exact model Manta. 
** Wiring loom and injection system/Injectors from XE.
** Manta pedal box!
** Original XE exhaust manifold.
** Some inlet pipework, big weird round thing?

Probably other bits I can't remember just now...I'm sure there's more there but I need to double check.

Would want to sell as a whole conversion, so looking for an honest value for now as I'm in a bad mood!

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Kevin Abbott put most of the prices on Facebook yesterday on Padraig's post if that helps

I sold complete injection set up with all parts to fit, engine,box, mounts, manifold, sump from a running car for £850 last year


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Cheers lads. Suppose I could get a touch more selling separate, but more likely more sought after as a 'Conversion'. 

Will try to get up to my unit, grab some pics and more details then advertise it, popped in for a minute today and saw that there's an ECU there with all the loom marked 'Calibra'.

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Cheers for the interest, but I'll be looking to advertise it as a whole conversion ideally.

And yep, I can confirm that the pedal box is the standard Manta item. Will try and get up to my unit tomorrow to grab pics/details and then advertise it all....If I am definitely sure that I won't be converting my Mk1 Golf GTI to rear wheel drive!

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OK, Here are some pics. Some from when I first got hold of some of the bits. Everything should be considered slightly older/more dusty etc now.

The engine. Turns over very nicely/easily by hand.


Original inlet manifold and air box.


Original exhaust manifold and a Manta propshaft of some sort.


Manta 1800 Gearbox with mount and a release bearing. The clutch fork is inside the bellhousing too.


An 'Unused'! clutch kit. Comprising pressure plate and disc, they are what I assume is needed for the conversion. There's also a flywheel, much smaller than the one fitted to the XE engine. Some additional brackets and a dust cover plate shown as well.



Loom along with ECU, injector rail/Injectors/Fuel pressure regulator and ignition coil? All connectors look good.



Manta pedals and what I think is a throttle cable/bracket?


Some weird round thing? some little leccy part and some spare XE conrods, although not in great shape.


Getting to the rarer bits now...A brand new SBD twin 45 weber inlet manifold.


Alloy engine mounts, pickup pipe and dipstick!


Manta 1800 dizzy setup and bracket, also with the TCI unit? plugged in! And another sprocket and belt!



Alloy big wing sump! And some sort of heat shield.


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Doesn't look to be a lambda sensor in the exhaust so if thats original the engine will be the early 20XE (not C20XE where C stands for Cataliser) Worth checking if its a coscast or GM cylinder head as that can affect the price.

Weird round thing is the air flow meter (known as MAF on XE's), heat shield is for exhaust manifold to head

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Cheers guys, I can confirm that there is a Lambda sensor in the exhaust, and the ECU has 'Calibra cat' or similar written on the back. If I remember rightly it's a 'NON' coscast head :) I think I once checked an oilway or something to make sure? Can't remember the specifics now...

Will have a think on price and get an advert up, I don't want to sell it all really as I can imagine it would be a real hassle to find all the individual parts again.

Here's another pic of the exhaust/Lambda...

C20XE Engine conversion (18).JPG

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Yeah keep it, you will regret it.

strip it, clean and paint it all ready drop in. Make that a project and it'll be super mint. To build Into a car when you find the right one! Can't beat fitting nice clean parts ti a build.

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Oh God...:lol: Don't be giving me ideas lol. Funny timing as I've literally just got this bargain engine stand, pretty much as new for £20! Just got back from picking it up and building it up in my unit! Seriously though, I just don't think there's a 400R out there for me...Hence I've bought this stand to build a 2.1 16V screamer for my Mk1 Golf.

You've got me bloody thinking now though haha.


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13 minutes ago, Volksdevil said:

Any more ideas on value guys? Pricing the bits individually seems to come out quite hefty!


Not sure what you want? You've been told the prices of the individual items and also a ballpark figure for what complete packages have sold for in the past. The reason pricing them individually comes out quite hefty is because you'd get more selling them indivdually. As you have also been told :)
Of course though they're your items and you can chose how to sell, but I'd split them. All items are rare and sought after, but some people won't require everything.

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I thought it was pretty obvious myself. A valuation :lol:

I haven't had a single valuation on 'My package' here at all...There's one valuation on a much smaller package from last year missing a hell of a lot of the bits I've listed, and we know how prices rise. That's always a given on here...-_-

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Ok some figures based on what i have bought and sold in the last year

C20XE with the injection manifold and loom and ecu and weird round thing and flat flywheel is £300-400

1.8 box £200 -250

engine mounts £30- £40

1.8 dizzy £10-£60 (ive sold them for both. It just depends if anyone wants the hassle of making it fit the XE)

Alloy sump with pickup pipe £160 (sold one on sunday via ebay for £157! Since retro power started making them the balloon on prices has burst you won't get £250 any more)

Propshaft £30- £40

Clutch £120 (assuming as it looks in the pic the disc is 14 splines to fit the manta box)

Pedal box £5 (i wish they were worth more, i have 5 or 6 sat in my shed!)

Xe fwd exhaust manifold £10 unless someone is desperate for one. But for rwd the conversion its a load of work to make any use of it, most people just buy a rwd manifold

DCOE manifold never sold one so looking at e-bay sold items they seem to go £70 -£110 depending on demand.

So on those figures and sold separately £935-£1195 but its down to chance what they go for on e-bay (then you loose 10% in sale fees), if you advertise elsewhere people will bid you bellow the asking price anyway, everyone seems to nowadays.

As a job lot its worth less. How much is down to what you and the buyer value it at. Also not everything you have collected is actually of use as a conversion, such as you have the injection manifold and a carb manifold. Also most people on here fitting it into a manta will not need the propshaft or pedal box. So demand to take the lot will not be as high as you would like. If the engine was running with the sump already fitted, dizzy bracket fitted and it was just ready to drop in a lot more people would be after it.

This is only my opinion and not fact, you and other people are free to disagree with me (some usually do) but that is how i see it.

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I am interested in the exhaust manifold, postage to Aberdeenshire on top of that  might not be to bad. I have all the rest of the kit for a conversion I think, does the standard 2.0 manta prop fit the 1800 box? I might need to buy it as well if the answer is no.



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