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Historic Vehicle Survey - ACT NOW!

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The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, of which the OMOC is a member, has announced the launch of the National Historic Vehicle Survey 2016. This important national survey is designed to identify the importance of the historic vehicle movement to the UK economy and the trends in historic vehicle ownership. The results will be used by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs to support their work on our behalf in representing the movement’s views to Parliament and to ensure we are able to enjoy the use of our vehicles on the roads for many years to come.


Members completing the survey can elect for complete anonymity or may choose to add their email address to the survey to become part of the Federation’s focus group to be consulted form time to time on issues important to the historic vehicle movement. The Federation have confirmed that no email addresses will be released to third parties.


The survey is critical for the preservation of our historic vehicle interests and we are happy to give it our full support. We encourage you to participate by completing the survey.



To complete the survey click here: http://tinyurl.com/zy3qyq2


For more information about the FBHVC, please see here: http://www.fbhvc.co.uk/



On behalf of the OMOC and FBHVC, we thank you for your time and involvement in the survey.


The survey will be live until 30th June 2016.




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Great - Thanks Guys.

It will be good to get some input from some of the lesser known clubs. As you can imagine, there will be loads of responses from people with Triumphs, MG's and Jaguars......not so many from the Opel fans out there I'm sure.

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Just now, Volksdevil said:

That will be highlighting fields that you need to fill out.

I did fill them out, each time i was sent back i tried filling them out in a different way but still got sent back until the stupid little ... froze on me.

Don't worry about it, i won't be going anywhere near them again, come the revolution they'll be amougnst the first against the wall.....

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You can say 'No' to the very first question...And then add details of your Mantas that are post 1986 at the end of the survey. I've filled it out twice now, once for me (My 1992 Corrado G60) and once for a friend who couldn't manage it (Also a Corrado!).

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