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VW polo heater matrix replacement


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Somewhere on the forum was a topic about swapping the old manta heater for a smaller VW polo one, it mention it was off a 1990s model Polo. I did the conversion myself a while ago but since then have junked it. Can anyone who has done something similar say if it has to still be the 1990s polo matrix or are there any newer heater/matrix combos manta owners are using today?

I chucked the old one as I have a brand new engine and didn't want one clogged with decades of gunk or internal rust.

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Its from any mk2 Polo so early 80's to mid 90's i think. People do still use it as its a pretty compact unit.

But nowadays there are a lot of custom aftermarket heaters available for kit-cars which people use in custom installs and rally cars etc.

such as http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/heatac or http://www.t7design.co.uk/index.php/heating.html

This is about the smallest out there and has been used by several people on here http://www.t7design.co.uk/index.php/heating/2-2kw-micro-heater-24v.html

If you want a complete polo setup i think i have a couple currently

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I fitted the polo heater to my car, seems to work well. I was on the look out for another. I also used the polo servo to allow the v 8 more room. I would like another servo also but both are hard to get up this way. I am not sure if Nissan micra might be an option.  I put in a separate switch that I bought from maplin to get all the Fan speeds. The switch dial rotates to about 10 positions.


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