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manta rear springs


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after doing a  manta 3.0 upgrade i done the front suspension with very stiff springs  but what im looking for is  help with the back, has anyone done a upgrade spring on the back and if so what? ie  where did you get the spring or have you a part number or dimension  of it.   i want to keep to around  the normal ride height  

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I bought a pair of these uprated rear springs.

They are sold as fitting manta B, standard height, but was assured , they will also fit my Manta A.

I have not fitted them yet, so cannot comment on fitting, ride height and how much the suspension has stiffened up.

They are still on Ebay now.............. 

Opel Manta B / Ascona B Road Rally Rear Springs 130/280lb

Item number ............................ 272194565758

For more information, contact Stuart, (contact number in the listing), very helpful guy.

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