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Opel Blitz embossed window triangle plates?


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photo 5A295D7F-B0F8-4F5C-B787-3257B695F69E-295-00000067BADCD889_zpse61c7fbd1.jpg

photo E52C201B-C53B-4883-81AE-81293C3A5499-295-00000067B17CA7B8_zpsee3b99191.jpg

Hello. Saw these Manta picures on the forum here and would really like same....think they look class for in the triangle behind side glass.

Does anyone know where to buy them or get them made up for me...is it that place "Custom Solutions" I've read about on here....or where please?

I've seen those aluminium effect kick plates as well, look really nice too....Opel Blitz embossed too.....wonder if it's the same place?

Or perhaps a member on here fabricates these and has a template?

Thank you.

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