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ATS wheels on 400 rep help


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Hi guys. 

Ive decided to buy a set of ATS classics for my ongoing 400 project. 

I know that they are sold in 15" diameters with various widths like 7" 9" 12". 

Id love a set of 12" on the rears and 9" on the front.

the 15"X12" have an et of -44.  

And the 9"X15" have an et of -19.  

Anyone know if the 12" is to wide on a 400 rep?


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Wow. -19ET is getting pretty crazy on a 9x15...but -44ET on a 12x15. Wow! That will have some serious dish and give your wheel bearings something to think about! But sod that, it would look awesome if they would sit well enough.

What are the standard Manta wheel specs? 7x15? What offset? I have an ET Calculator on my website here that may help. (You can type in the 'Minus' offset too.) Pop the standard manta wheel specs in the top bit, and play around with the bottom bit.

I just had a go with:

7X15 / ET33


12X15 / ET-44

Gives: 14mm more inside clearance. And 141mm more arch poke!:o:lol: So if a Manta wheel was indeed 7x15 ET33, then a 12x15 ET-44 would stick out a further near as damn it 5.5 inches.

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Thanks for the reply 

Yes the 12" wide would be a bitch on the bearings, but would look evil 

I am a complete novice when it comes to all things to do with wheel ET's, but if it was approximately 5.5" wider than a stock wheel it wouldn't be far off.


Heres a link to a pic of a 12" ATS 


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Agree that they would look incredible! That dish man.B)

ET/Offsets are easy once you've got the hang of them...

If you just use your minds eye to find the center line of a wheel (As in the exact middle of the rim), the distance from that line TO the rear mounting face that bolts up to your car is the offset measurement. Smaller the offset, the more the wheel will stick out. Larger the offset, the more it will sit in.

Please don't take any calculators as gospel though, not even mine although they're good for a guestimate. I've always used some cardboard, measured to size with some fancy marker pen action/measuring.


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Oh that would be great if someone can show me that pic :thumbup

i had a set of Brock B1 alloys on my last 400 rep, it needed spacers on the rear.

i was never happy having that setup.  Would be far happier with a big wheel without any spacers.  

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Just found it but my memory must be having a brain fart. These are split rims rather than single piece, and it doesn't 'look' like they have the same amount of dish or width...Looks good though. Can't beat some proper measuring really, especially now you know how.:thumbup


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