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different sizes of heater matrix for manta b / mk1 Cavvy?


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Oh dear! I do believe Ive messed up!

My mk1 Cavvy coupe needs a new heater matrix - the existing one is way beyond, and I managed to source one from a member - it arrived today and its in good order. BUT! I rang and double checked the sizes of my one (the car is in the capable hands of a friend getting the battery shelf sorted) - and the sizes seem different. Are there more than one size? The existing one looks like the one on the right of this pic and has plastic pipes etc, wheras the new one, which measures 1cm thinner and is possibly a bit longer looks more like the one on the left. The pic is one borrowed from another thread on the forum. Please tell me theyre interchangable!! I cant get to the car today so its doing my head in lol


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The plastic ended ones are aftermarket replacement ones. The 2 in the left of your picture are original ones with metal ends. I have found several different thicknesses of heater core in manta's, never really looked into why. But they have all fitted into the same space so yours should too.

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