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Water Circulation in 18S engine


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Hello to everyone in the forume, :thumbup

i'd like to know how the water circulation in the 18S engine works..


- inlet and outlet of the heating radiator 

- the two ports of the manifold

- and of course the two coming from the rear side of the thermostat

and connecting the two points to the main water pipe.. 

thanks alot! Aditi



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Here are a couple of pictures from my old 1800 that might help. It has a different heater box and a weber carb but shows the pipe layouts.

Heater box pipes, 1 to alloy double T pipe joiner, 1 to alloy housing across front of engine to thermostat

Manifold, rear one goes to double T piece (and has small take off pipe), front to alloy housing/thermostat

Rest of the system is pretty simple.

Back of water pump, 90degree corner to double T piece. then around and down to bottom of radiator.

Thermostat goes to top of radiator

DSCF0271 (Medium).JPG

DSCF0270 (Medium).JPG

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Thanks, it's certainly helped.

the alloy housing (across front of engine to the thermostat) has two point's connections.

one at top and the other one is right under it. 


Both of them actually output or one of them gets water as input point? 

In any case, which of them connects directly to the heater box ?

And the other goes to the front in the manifold ? 


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