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XE engine mounts


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What's the best mounts to use? I seem to remember something about using 1 original 1800 rubber and maybe a Capri one?? Sure this has been discussed many times before but thought it would be easier to start a new topic rather than trawling through old topics for hours looking for an answer.

Thanks in advance.

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I just use the one 50mm on the passenger side and an original round one on the drivers side.

Due to the rotational motion inside the engine quickly coming off the clutch lifts the engine on the passenger side and can rip the mount apart if you are really aggressive/ its old and tired. But the drivers side is under compression so as long as you swap the V shaped original mount for a Round version its not going to break.

With both sides changed to the 50mm version you get a lot more engine vibration into the car.

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