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Wheel Nuts Show Stroud- Some pics from the day


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The SW section attended the Wheel Nuts Show in Stroud today, thanks to Dave for organising the rabble as usual and for a lift as I am currently embarrassed on the road-ready Manta front. It is held at St Roses School which caters for children and young people with cerebral palsy and funds raised go to support the work they do. Really well organised show in a superb setting and deffo one for next years calendar if you are anywhere from Brum down to Bridgewater, Swindon or across over the bridge cause its not far off the motorway and an nice drive (Oh, and entry with a classic is free!)

Despite being a bit chilly in parts it was a sunny day with stacks to see, especially some care we have not seen on the usual circuit and some real oddballs (like a 1922 built steam powered car- really!)

Massive turnout of cars, sadly our group were the only three Opels in sight today but here are some random pics from the field:-













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Was a good selection. Thinking about it now there weren't that many Vauxhalls actually. There was the Carlton pictured , a PA Cresta and a very nice Viva HB Deluxe.

There was a lot of your "mainstream" 60's to early 80's BMC/ BL stuff and lots of Fords. I'm sure that's OK to post though.

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