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I have just rejoined the club after many years. I own a 1983 manta GT/e which was originally my Father's. It is garaged in London and I do drive it occasionally. It has done 30,000 miles and is in it's original state (pictures to follow) with some minor repainting. The engine bay could do with a clean . Suggestions please  ! It has an automatic gear box.

I hardly see any other Mantas in London. I am investigating the insurance advertised on the website since it seems a really fair price compared to my present insurer.

The car passed its MOT but there is some corrosion on the nearside and offside  chassis legs. Is this a real problem?

I belong to the RAC and they have managed to dig out some archive material from Classic car and Autocar which make very interesting reading

What would be a likely sale price for this ( not for sale at present but who knows ?



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Hi and welcome back to the OMOC.

There are few members around your neck of the wood and on the outskirts of London area. Nice that you have an MOT and hopefully a summer to enjoy the car in, hopefully not long before I put mine in for an MOT, made big steps over the last weekend.

Chassis legs can be a concern depending on how corroded the area affected is especially near the swan neck area. In days gone by people would consider scrapping the cars due to the sort of complex repair required. Not so much now as some of the Manta owners can repair them in their sleep as they have kept most of the current Mantas on the road with their welding skills.

Prices can fluctuate and depending on model, interior and overall condition it can vary, from £1000 - £7500, with the latter being a mint condition GTE similar to the one currently for sale on the forum, which has had a lot of work to get the standard it is at. It is also only worth what someone is willing to pay at the time of sale, but the prices are increasing slowly over time.

Look forward to seeing some pictures (if you can manage to add them to the forum :ph34r:)

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