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New Battery Time


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After 25+ years it's time to actually purchase a new battery, I have swapped batteries on a number of occasions because I had a Unipart lifetime warranty...

Alas Unipart have popped so the warranty has gone with them, so I need a new battery.

Is there a recommended type, size etc?

I did see in the past that trade card purchase from local Vauxhall dealer might be a good option, anyone done this?


Ta, Sam.

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Standard battery for the Manta is an 065 or you can go for the 075 which is a tad taller but otherwise the same size and has more power for starting. I only ever run the 075 batteries

I've been buying and using the Vauxhall 'Trade Club' branded batteries for the last few years as the local dealer has had them on a very good deal. Admittedly i am registered directly with them as a trade club customer, rather than just using a card, but all the offer sheets i get are the Trade club ones. Not sure if your local dealer would be the same price.

I can't remember the 065 price off the top of my head but the 075 is just £33.59 as i bought one a couple of weeks ago. The 065 is either the same price or a couple of quid cheaper. I know the little 063 they do for corsa's is just £20 :o


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Sam. If you go to vauxhaul in Rochdale they will give you the finger. 

Go to alpha batteries in at the roundabout at spotland and get the 075 David advises. 

I got one for my manta. It fits great. Loads of power. 

Alpha have a brilliant after sales and warenty too 

I bought a very large battery for my jeep. Over 12 months later I thought it had a problem. Took it back to alpha ( no receipt with me ) 

they just gave me a new battery. 

Top company. Cheap and local too supporting local jobs. 

F@@k vauxhaul. 

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Cheers Guys, will deffo have a look at the 075 version then.

Kev, one of the reasons I didn't order a new Vauxhall company car was down to the dealer in Rochdale, you can't park anywhere near & they are pretty poor customer facing.

Will pop down to Alpha & check em out, could try Leavers (is it still called that?) in Blackburn as that is closest to home.




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