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Anyone work in an engineering place?


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Im trying to sort some brake mounting adaptors for the old A series and cant seem to get any off the shelf so looking for someone who can make me some?? Just thought i would try on here before setting of round all the industrial estates to be told they dont do one off jobs!!

running big vented discs on an A series (280mm i think, will need to measure offset) and mounting Wilwood dynalite 4 pot calipers.  I can find adaptors for smaller size discs but not the 280mm as all the ones i can find are for the other wilwood calipers.

Any help would be great.


I have made a rough template if that helps and cold probably know up the desing in illustrator and provide a PDF of the template to scale if that helps?


Thanks  Andy

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12 hours ago, Dom400 said:

Have a mate with engineering company might be able to sort you out.

Send over some diagrams and I will have a chat to see if we can sort you!


Thank's Dom400 i will try and get something setup over the weekend and ping across. One of the main things holding me back from getting it on the road.



4 hours ago, robah said:

You could also try contacting TJM as he has someone make up parts for cars for his business.

My company use Crewe Engineering don't know prices but we do have individual items made by them for the rail industry.


Ooh, maybe i could do a deal with them and sort them out a decent website in exchange :-) Thanks robah. I will see what dom400 can do and if not i will give them a try.



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