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Question about the 2000 GSI engine


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Greetings Everyone, i have just bought my very first  Manta B.

The shape of the car is pretty decent, however i feel that the engine is not in its best shape.
On the documents of the car i see 66KW  that sould be around 86-89 horse power or something like that.
Now every single Manta B with this 2000 CIH engine i have checked, all of them got atleast 74-75KW that is equal to around 100-110HP and also eat only around 8-10 liter if driven in normal conditions.

My manta ate around 15 liter / 100km  when i brought it home and i have felt the lack of power also. (Gotta add that the car stood in a garage for 1 years so gotta get the engine together + 5 gang gearbox would help also)
Any idear how come a 2 liter engine can only have ~85 HP (wich is documented on the papers of the car aswell)?

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It sounds like you have the early 2.0 CIH with a carburetor on it. The 2.0 CIH GTE had fuel injection so had slightly more power. Still rubbish for a 2.0 compared to the power delivered by a modern 1.0 engine but the manta engine is old and has a poor design. 

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