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Rear disk conversion, what disks?


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Hi all. I am currently building a rear axle with a disk conversion I bought years ago. The disks I have are Bendix 561146B. One of the disks is no good (they are new old stock) so I need another. What disks do people use on their conversions? I think these ones are Ford Escort front solid disks.

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I have the escort Mk3's fitted to mine, this is the info I have on them along with the calipers I used. Had to use a Sierra handbrake cable as well.

Disc Details (Rear), Dia: 246mm, Thickness: 12.5mm, Overall Height: 55.5mm, Centre Dia: 73mm

(info not 100% as I have tried to look on http://brakeparts.co.uk/#!/shop/FORD/ESCORT and info is different to what I have written down) :blink:

Rear Hyd Brake spec on my Manta, Ford Sierra 1.8 CVH 2WD 88 – 93

Part No. Alternative Ford no.in () BCA1346 L/H (0659/4)

Part No. Alternative Ford No.in () BCA1347 R/H (0658/4)

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I have the MK III Discs and Granada (found on various things) calipers with built in hand brake.  If they were not on the car already I would never use those calipers on anything.  Even the enthusiasts for cars they came on I have spoken to do not like them.

Reading the Haynes manual it says later cars had a brake pressure limiting valve to stop excessive rear pad wear, draw your own conclusions on why a car with ABS would have one.

This is just my personal experience, other experiences are available / yours may vary.

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