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Just a quick post to say hi. I have a Cavalier GLS Sportshatch, my second one, following a GLS coupe many years ago. Looking forward to meeting you guys and hopefully catching up at this year's Billing.

All the best




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Hi Paul 

welcome to the club

we have quite a few active members in the south east,having regular monthly meets & several shows through the summer. Our next monthly meet will probably be in Essex,we tend to move the venue round in the interest of fairness. It would b great if you could make it sometime,with or without u car . Is your car on the road or a project? 

Oh & as said above ,pictures??!

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Hi Davo

sounds good, i'd certainly like to come along and get to know some of you guys.

The car's quite a good one. I actually bought the copper coloured Jersey registered hatch that was on e bay a couple of weeks ago.

It needs a UK MOT before i can register it but i'm sorting a few bits before putting it in for one. It is a very nice, well cared for example though with a genuine 45k on it from new. Its backed up with a huge history file. It needs a tailpipe and the horn sorting and probably a voltage regulator but not much else. There are a few cosmetic jobs to do as well but it has genuine potential to be a very nice example indeed. I'm looking to lower it (a little) and stick a set of ATS classics on it. Still not sure whether to keep the cream vinyl roof or not. Sometimes i think it looks great and distinctive, other times i think, "no way". I'll leave it for now! I'm happy with it though and seems to be a good 'un. It's the third one I've had and i thought i'd better join the club this time. It's certainly an enthusiastic and welcoming bunch here which is great.

Cav 3.JPG

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I joined this club after finding it by accident while looking for a part, a local member (Rutts) provided it FOC & turned out to be really helpful & I now class him as a mate of mine. (He probably hates me)....

I joined the club & the members are on the whole really helpful with advice etc & the knowledge some of these guys have it really quite scary , I think they should get out a bit more.. :lol:

Shame you bought one of those lower class Cavaliers though  :thumbup


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