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1985 mk2 carlton £495 12months MOT


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Ive spent the last couple of months recommissioning this carlton for the road. It passed MOT on Monday. 2.0 GL manual 5 speed gearbox. mileage shows 32k. I have

- Rehung and welded the exhaust

- Replaced a tail lamp that was smashed to bits

- new wiper blades

- adjusted rear brakes

- new front ARB links

- 4 good part worn tyres

- welded battery tray and fitted a good second hand battery

- Welded o/s a pillar

- Welded rear of both sills and arches (not a show winning job but good and strong)

- replaced a fuel pipe

and some other little bits and bobs for its MOT.


It starts, runs and drives OK. I would recommend the following

- Replace front calipers as seals have split and one side locks up quicker than the other

- Replace rear springs and shocks as the back axle crashes about over bumps

- washer/intermittant wiper relay appears to be missing.

- Body work isnt brilliant, roof and boot lid have speed peal

Thats about as far as I want to go really, its now in my way....it owes me around the asking price so im not really making a drink on it. Please dont expect a minter, hence the price. Located in stoke on trent, more pics on request.








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