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Opel GT 1.9S CIH oil


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It's time to uncover the GT that has sat languishing under a sheet in the garage. 

I have bought all ignition parts, question is what is the best oil to use these days?

Mineral, Semi or Fully Synth and what viscosity?

The engine is all standard other than an unleaded P2 head.

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3 hours ago, spiney_norman said:

And this is why I'd rather wait from advice from an actual person than trust an automated website in some cases ;)

lol.....depends on the advice you want and if the person can be trusted ;)

Everybody has advice but not everybody can be correct....:ph34r:

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That's true, we had an elderly gent walk into the motor factors I work in a few months back telling his friend "What you want is a good quality multigrade 20w50."

When I asked what it was going in, he replied "A 2012 Fiesta." The reply he got was along the lines of JESUS CHRIST NO THAT ENGINE WILL LAST ABOUT 4 SECONDS WITH 20w50 IN IT.

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