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Front brake options on mk1 Cavvy maintaining 13ins rostyles?


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Hi all. Im hoping to pick the brains of anyone whos in the know!

Mk mk1 Cavvy coupe has had brake issues recently - front calipers seized, causing everything to get rather hot. Theyre now unseized & cleaned up, sliders and whatnot are ok, but the seals etc have melted and an overhaul is needed - 

I was just wondering about possible upgrades to more modern disks / calipers? Is there anything bolt-on that fits under the standard 13ins rostyles? I had quite a long search on here - found plenty on Audi disks and vectra calipers, but also read they dont fit under 13s! The car is a standard 1900 auto at present, so nothing OTT is needed.

Can anyone suggest anything? Otherwise I guess Ill attempt to sort these with a refurb kit. Must admit I havent got too much experience messing around with calipers etc, but I guess theres only one way to learn!

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I just had exactly the same issue with the Cavalier. Do you have the single piston fixed caliper on sliders? If so Brakes International in Rochdale do new ones for a very good price. They do have them despite the hyperlinked catalogue page saying they don't. I just changed them rather than faffing about with a re-build kit. Hope this helps.

http://brakeparts.co.uk/#!/shop/OPEL/MANTA/75-84/MANTA 1.6 & 1.9 models/Front - Brake Calipers and Wheel cylinders/BCA0691

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