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Newbie from Glasgow


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After being in love with the B Coupe from the ripe old age of 5, finally realised the dream some 33 years later and bought a 1984 Coupe in black with a Rover EFI V8 from Carl.  Needs a fair bit of work but the bones are good and i've been looking to do a full restoration for a while now so for me there was no other contenders than the much loved Manta.

Car doesn't run at the moment and from what I believe hasn't done so since 1996.  New fuel lines, pump and filter in place courtesy of Carl and after some investigation work i've found all is well from tank to the rail but no injector pulse.  Hoping with a bit more digging and some wiring diagrams i'll hear her run in the not too distant future.

I've been a petrol head all my days with my main interest being turbocharged motors ranging from R5 GT Turbo, 200 SX to the most recent 11 year love affair with Subaru.  Currently own and have done for 11 years a P1 running a modest 560bhp which, when running, is a real joy to drive.  Been plagued with employment issues and a recurrent clutch problem so it's been off the road for almost a year but not too far away from seeing the road again soon.  Daily driver is a 330D M Sport Touring which itself is a lovely machine.  Watch this space for some possible twin turbo forced induction on the Manta.

Look forward to meeting a few of you soon and i'll be on the mooch for parts and advice once I get the grinder and welder fired up.

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