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Manta GTE coupe on ebay

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On ‎7‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 13:07, opelnz said:

Red coupe

Looks like it needs at least a new roof from the photos, but should be a good starting point for someone?


Sold for 4k,thats seriously good money with all taken into account.:)solid roof conversion and new roof lining off east kent supplies will do her proud.:)



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I suppose it is down to people being desperate to buy one, if someone decides to sell their Manta.

I know what mine is roughly worth (to me) but it would take a lot more money to prise it from my ownership.

Saying that the Red Manta Hatchback for sale (Guysat?) with the work carried out on that and a 2.4 lump fitted can't get a buyer. I know some of the mods are not to some peoples likes but a solid car like that should sell easy. If I had the money I would be knocking on his door to buy.

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