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85 GTE runs but stalls


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Hi All

The car starts easily, and will rev smoothly through the range, immediately you back off the throttle,it just dies i.e. won't idle at all.

Previous owner advised this was a recent development, but the car had been in storage for a few years, last MOT was 2011 and the fuel tank contained only fumes. Fresh fuel and a check of all hoses etc replacing a couple that were perished - same fault.

The car has been serviced with new oil and filter, new air filter and while I have not had the plugs out, they also look very fresh.

Any ideas gratefully received...

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45 minutes ago, andyc said:

If this is an injection model and has been standing it could well be the idle control valve is stuck. Take it off and give it a good wash out with carb cleaner and see if that helps


Thanks Andy, I have discovered lots of oil and carbon in the inlet to the throttle body, and have ordered some carb cleaner to get it sorted. As soon as I can identify the idle control valve, I will clean that too!


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Its a slow moving valve, if you stick 12v up it you still need to wait 5 mins or so to see it move.

The little gap you see is a disc that rotates to change the size of the gap. If i remember rightly its operated by a bi-metalic coil that unwinds slowly as it gets warm from voltage flowing through it (similar to the old auto choke on carbs)

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90% closed is the fully open position, then when its warm it moves to fully closed. It is not supposed to open to the full pipe size.

It isn't like a more modern idle control valve that can move quickly open/closed by ecu control on a closed loop to the throttle and engine revs, its just a slow moving auxiliary air valve for bleeding air in for the first few minutes of the engine running to ballance out the idle until everything is warm.

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