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CIH four branch manifold, inlet manifold and Weber DGV


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Right then, I've spent so much on my Carlton in the last few weeks I need to claw some money back and since none of this is needed any more...

First up, a lovely four branch manifold for the CIH engines. Had it fitted to my Cav coupe for a long time. I was told when I bought it that it was either Janspeed or Peter Maiden but I can't confirm, all I know is the 2-1 Y-piece on the bottom was rotten so I've removed it, you'll have to find your own but they're easy enough to come by. Last one I saw on ebay made £100 but this can be yours for £75 plus postage.



Next is the inlet manifold I was using with the four branch. Bit of an odd one, not sure exactly what it's off but the stud spacing's right to stick a Weber 32/36 DGV straight on top with no need for an adaptor plate. The holes to bolt it to the standard exhaust manifold were a different pattern to the other exhaust manifolds I had lying around, never a problem for me but worth checking if you're planning on using it with a standard setup. £30 takes it.




Last but not least, a Weber 32/36 DGV which was on the manifold above. Been sat idle on my coupe for a few years now so will need a strip and clean out at the very least. I had to nick a bit of the throttle assembly for my new one, and the choke cable arm's slightly bent but bits for these are still available from Webcon. £50?





All prices are plus postage, and I'm willing to do a bit of a deal if you want the whole lot.

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