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OPEL dealership sign wanted


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Does anybody here have an OPEL dealership sign for sale (or know of somebody who might have one available)?

(From the 70's/80's period, plastic, lights-up from the inside - were displayed outside showrooms and parts depts).

I'll be in the UK (Bristol and South Wales area - route to ferry) next week to pick up the Monza I purchased and was thinking it would be a good time to pick up a sign (with all that free Monza boot space!)

See attached pic - i.e. the small yellow signs.

Other OPEL or GM dealer signs, flags, etc considered too.


Opel garage UK 1980's.jpg

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10 hours ago, Sutty2006 said:

rare as rocking horse poo, you'd have more luck finding one in ireland than over here :( Ive been after something similar for the last 10 years.

That seems to be the case..even in Ireland. I missed out on one in Northern Ireland a few weeks ago.

Ah well, one will turn up...maybe in 10 years?! :mellow:


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