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Andrew Findlay

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It could be the U/J in the engine bay that is at the top of the link rod that joins the rack to upper column. These do go stiff and try to seize up sometimes. You can free them up with some lube and articulation, but normally you need to take them off the car to do it.

Other possible point is the column bearing itself, they have a habit of the small ball bearings inside dropping out. Its mounted in the bottom of the steering column outer just above where that U/J sits. There should be a spring tucked in between them but that often doesn't get refitted if its been apart, its there to hold the bearing together. You can rebuild the bearing as long as all the plastic parts and metal bearing faces are in good order, just remove clean and grease up with new ball bearings.

Plus of course it could actually be a tightness in the rack.

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