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400 rep shell £1000

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21 hours ago, CRAZYDAVE said:


setup for skyline running gear so not for everyone. Looks worth viewing :thumbup

Bargain buy it now price,the 400 kit  which seems to fit well and has been bolted on is worth the asking price alone,then you have a solid shell with no sunroof to worry about.

With the mods to take the skyline engine already done you could have one seriously special manta.B)

Maybe retropower and co could buy this for a customer who is looking for this kind of thing.:wacko:


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8 hours ago, Volksdevil said:

Hmm. Why am I looking at this? I've got somebody collecting all my XE conversion tomorrow.<_<

PS: Danny, sorry I didn't message you back to update...Title of the PM (Parts) threw me off when replying to the other two lads.

Go on :D:thumbup

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Buy it now price has gone now,and has gone to bidding:blink:which baffles me just to save a few hundred quid, as it was well worth £1000:blink:to ensure you get it and have a very sound foundation for a special build.

Which no doubt will run into seriously big bucks,mind you if someone is lucky enough to bag it for less than 1k they may break it for parts.:ph34r:



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4 hours ago, Jason b said:

Fingers (very) crossed I've managed to snag this one, subject to viewing it. :) - I've been on the lookout for a good manta shell for a while!

Good luck if you get it. Nice shell for a big power car getting rid of the poor manta axle. 

I was looking at buying it for stock 😃

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