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Replacing the Door Window Seals

Irmscher Man

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A few folks have asked me about the replacement Door Glass seals that are now available, and how easy they are to change.

The parts are available from East Kent Trim supplies - Manta B Window Glass Seal. If there is enough interest in these, I may look at doing a bulk order from them, so please let me know if you are interested (email me by clicking here - Send Email)

I did this little job before Billing this year and it took less then an hour to do both sides. I took some pictures as I went along, as I meant to write this up for the forum. The level of skill required is very basic, and only basic tools are required. You will need screwdrivers and a centre-punch and hammer. If you have a door trim removing tool, that makes life a bit easier.

Step 1 - Remove the Interior Door handles (2 fasteners), undo the circlip that retains the window winder handle (then go and look for it across the garage floor) and put them in a safe place. Remove all other items attached to the door (speakers, door lock embellisher etc).

Undo the retaining clips around the outside edge of the door card and remove the door card by lifting upwards slightly. (Pic 1).


You can see that the original felt backing on the window strip is well past its best - cracking, mouldy and brittle, (Pic 2).


Step 2 - The Rubber Window seal is located within the trim strip. On the Manta B, this is chrome effect and on the facelift B, this is black. They are aluminium, so be careful not to bend or mis-shape them when handling, as they are soft.

Using a large bladed Flathead screwdriver, gently prise the retaining trim strip off the top of the door, (Pic 3 and Pic 4).



NOTE - Withdraw the trim strip carefully, as it fits underneath the mirror housing quite tightly. It is easy to bend the trim at this point, so be careful!

Step 3 - On your work bench, you will see that the rubber seal is held in place within the aluminium trim strip by a series of punches in the metal that grip the rubber. You will need to gently open these up. I used a flat bladed knife to slide underneath the aluminium just enough to release the grip and not alter the shape of the trim strip too much, (Pic 5).


Step 4 - Remove the old rubber seal, depending on how much you opened up the "U channel" you may have to pull it out down the length of the trim piece. You can see the profile of the old and new rubber Seals in Pic 6.


Step 5 - Measure the new rubber seal against the one you have removed and cut to the desired length, (Pic 7). They are not supplied to the correct measurements. You may also need to add the necessary profile to the leading edge, as this has a slight cut away to allow for the shape of the retaining trim, (Pic 8).Img_3052.jpg


Step 6 - Slide the new rubber seal in to place. Using a centre punch, gently tap the original retaining punches back in, so that the rubber seal is held firmly. Do not distort the trim piece when doing this. I found it useful to position a shim of wood within the U channel to give some support when doing this, (Pic 9, Pic 10).



Step 7 - Now that the rubber seal is correctly fitted, you just need to ensure that the retaining clips within the U channel are in the right place (Pic 11).


They should be evenly located along the length of the trim strip to make sure it is held in place correctly. Once this is done you can push the trim back into place, remembering to be careful at the front edge, around the mirror housing. Line it up and gently tap it back onto the door skin. Refit the door card and interior trim pieces and that' one side done! Repeat on the other side and you will have leak free doors!


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22 hours ago, Irmscher Man said:

Glad it helped. I've reproduced this article to go into the next edition of Manta Magic, for the benefit of (and I'm wanting to type "Mr Kite" here)....non web members. :-)



And... there will be a show tonight.....

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