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I know this is not the way to do this and i would normally do a nice listing. But moving house and just have these parts i dont need so its make me an offer (even if it just covers the postage) As they need to go in the next week or two or they are off to the skip, which would be a waste. I think the clutch is 8" (low wear on clutch plate) but can measure, flywheel is balanced and lightened (but still heavy :-) pistons are 1.9L and you can see better pics here: http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=94

**Rocker cover sold**

**Fuel filler neck now sold**


Any questions just PM me as busy packing!!




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another item sold
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46 minutes ago, doveyte2800 said:

how much for the thermostat housing please,





Hi Ian

Just cover the postage, no good to me (i have a 2.4 in mine so won't fit, so can't keep it as a spare) so just nice for it to go to a good home. Do you want both the full housing and the spare top housing? Postage probably £3-£4?



4 hours ago, turbo16n said:

How much for flywheel?

I would say postage must be around the £10 -£15 mark? i've never sent one before? do you know how much they weigh? dotn think my kitchen scales will cover it!!

unless your this way and can collect? and then whatever the flywheel is worth to you? It won't fit mine as i have the 2.4 so if it goes to a good home, postage is covered and i get a couple of quid towards the old Opel project, im happy.



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