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Workshop Clear Out


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Having a bit of a clear out of the workshop. Price are guide only the keep in with forum rules so make me an offer if there is anything of interest

Pair of Beige Door Panels. Pockets are cracked and they could do with a good clean £10.00 for the pair


Pair of Blue Door Cards, pockets ok and again could do with a good clean £10.00 Pair



Pair of Grey Door Cards, Pockets OK but need a good clean £10.00 pair


Front Down Pipe, Used but  fairly good £10.00



Coupe Centre Section, again used but useable £10.00


AWP_000738_zpseatmngcb.jpgnd the back box £10.00

New pattern Couple tail box, some storage dings etc £15.00


New GM Hatch tail pipe, again a few storage dings but nothing major £20.00





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Hi Andy. If KAA doesn't  have the hatch rear box can I have it please as it finishes the blue exclusive restoration I'm doing. 

Failing that can you take some measurements and pictures so I can have one made?


Ps I'll take the door cards please. Can you post them? 

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Hi Andy,


Only just joined and instantly saw your beige door cards. I am looking for the door pockets, I know they are split but better than having none at all.

Would you be willing to take them off the door car and post to me please. If so mate just give me a price.


Much appreciated.


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