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2.4 wiring loom


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Never heard antone using a Frontera unit and i thing you might have a job sorting the the wiring. The last one i done was to use a 2.2 Carlton Manifold with Frontera/2.4 injectors. The wiring loom was a modded 2.4 Omega/Carlton and the ecu was out of the same.

As this system is a Motronic set up the harness is more or less plug and play into the Manta Loom

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The Frontera wiring is actually very simple on the Motronic 1.5


Years ago I wrote to Haynes and said I had bought the Manta Manual and was fitting a Frontera engine and didn't really want to buy the Frontera manual just for the wiring.  They sent me the complete wiring section for the Motronic 1.5


Biggest job with the Frontera is the loom is not separate from the Frontera loom (I have one one cut down on the Frontera engine I acquired in 1999 complete with 2.2 Plenum and the dip stick tube welded into the side of a Manta sump to save drilling block)

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Guy i used to know ran 2.4 mantas for oval racing (superbangers at Warton, Carnforth). He had his own garage/rolling road set up and he reckoned that using the 2.0 injection on the 2.4 motor as std gave about an extra 7 bhp with no mods over the std 2.4. All you need to do to fit the 2.0 system is alter the plenum mounting position to realign the ports (needs a hole drilling for the dowel on the head into the 2.0 plenum) and make up some thick/loger washers to hold the inlet and exhaust manifolds to the head. Everything can then run on your std 2.0 setup, you just need to get the fuelling set up. Really wants an adjustable reg to wind up the pressure to about 3.5 bar. The std 2.0 injectors are good for about 150bhp with this setup.



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