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Fitting a lsd

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I seen there's a manta 400 lsd for sale on eBay I was thinking of putting an offer in. Going to be using the car for fast road maybe even the odd track day thinking it might be a good purchase.

Has anybody ever fitted one of these?

Are they any good/worthwhile?

Is it a straight swap over into the standard casing and standard halfshafts? 



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Think what crown wheel and pinon you are using as well I am waiting for a man to fit my going to put a zf LSD with 3.44 crown wheel and into a spare axle for me with 5 stud drive shafts also full new bearing and shims

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Thanks for the replies sounds like a bit of work. I've got other bits which are needing done more urgently but was thinking of buying it and fitting it when I got round to it kinda thing. Think I'll pass on it for now.

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