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Opel kadet gte engine?


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Hi lads can get a Opel kadet 2.0gte 8valve engine the kadet with digital dash. Will this engine fit into my 1.8manta and if so what other bits could I use from car the kadet brakes etc and what will I need? 

Also can I ask the manta 1.8 gearing ratio if anyone know compared to the 2.0 gearing . Regards Ross

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I think the gearbox ratios are the same as the GTE, it is only the bellhousing that is different. It was the diff that had a different ratio different.

Engine should fit no problem as it is the same family 2 engine as the 1.8 Manta. Not sure on injection but should be easy to slave in to the loom if it's the same loom as the GTE, there a re a couple of 1.8 injections on the forum to ask their owners.

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