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Wanted - SBV 748K


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Hi everyone,

   I was an OMOC member for many years until I sold my Manta A 1900 SR Auto in around 2001ish.

I was lurking around this site and saw a post in the wanted section "I want my Manta A back" and I thought, Yes I do as well.

I have checked on the DVLA system and it is SORNed and last MOT`d in 2013.

So, big Question - does anyone know of, or even better own, SBV 748K and might it be for sale to a pining previous owner.

I remember it going to Norfolk area way back then.

Here`s hoping.

Thank you,


NB. Originally posted in the "Hello" section but I thought it may be seen by more people in here as it is a Wanted post. Thanks

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