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D plate Opel Manta GTE Coupe 1987 For Sale

Davie Mac 1980

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I have decided to put my Opel Manta GTE  Coupe up for sale,


I bought this Manta with the intention of getting the car stripped down and rebuilt but due to my impatience to get a car that I could drive right away I decided to purchase a very nice example from OMOC member Halley Cockburn. That means that I no longer have the funds to do the work to the first one i bought!


The car does need a lot of work at the front end including the chassis legs and swan necks, it would also need to have the roof redone as the previous owner used fibre glass to plug the rust holes in the roof. I have seen the car run but i personally haven't had the car running. The clocks have 106k on them and I am not sure if that is genuine tbh.


It was originally a White car but has had some paint and the previous owner has used a grey wrap on the car.


The interior is in decent shape but needs a good steam clean, the wings, doors and rear arches etc are in very good condition, it also comes with a spare bonnet, starter motor and a spare air flow meter.

I would prefer that the person who wants to buy this car will look to put it on the road just like I was going to but the wife won't be happy if I don't get rid of this one!


I am working away from home for the next week or so but if anyone is interested they can view the car at the garage where it is sitting and a deal can be done without me present if someone requires the car asap.


If anyone would like pictures just PM me and I will send them over by WhatsApp as the internet here isn't the best for attaching picture files.


The car is in Aberdeen, Scotland


Looking for £1250 ono

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No its not i bort it iv put a deposit on it 3 weeks ago it's a old posting,iI hope dayphilip1971,it's sold if it'sthe same one.

5 hours ago, Frank C1964 said:

Hi Dave,

I am looking for a winter project, is this car still for sale?

cheers Frank


Frank sorry mate i bort it 3 weeks ago mind i think it's a old posting , iv put a deposit down on her mind. Sorry mate.




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