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Life after Manta rebuild (forum topic Manta chassis repairs)


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With no events running/organised in my local area I have joined in with the South Wales and West area, thanks Dave for all the organisation and info.

I just completed restoring/ rebuilding the Manta in time to attend the Powderham Castle classic car show on 9th July the weekend before Billing, it was cutting it fine but just made it. A good turn out for the OMOC stand , the best part for me was how great it was to drive the Manta after being in bits for five years .WP_20160709_10_13_27_Rich.jpg

Then their was Billing after waiting five years to attend in a Manta again I couldn't wait any longer so travelled up (in the pouring rain) on the Tuesday after Powderham and set up camp next to  Anne.


Gradually over the next few days the field filled up with a great selection of all types of standard and modified Manta's brilliant.I could catch up with friends I've not seen for ages and meet some new ones , the club is full of friendly people always ready to help each other out a great time was had , To top it off out of all the amazing condition Manta's I got car of the show thanks . Even though I stayed Tuesday to following Monday it all seemed to go so quickly and am looking forward to next years wherever it is .




Next was The Big Welsh classic car show at Margam Park on 18th September another good turnout with 5 club cars Dave's Ascona and four Manta's, a nice setting for the show with allsorts attending a 1915 model T to double decker buses.


The last of the year for me Queen Square Bristol breakfast meet 9th October this meant an early start from South Devon to arrive at 7.30 AM yes the Manta does go out in the dark.



The square soon filled up with a good variation of cars and motorbikes along with our three Manta's





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