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Manta,Ascona B,Kadett D & Monza panels


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I have just been offered a brand new Manta nearside Hatchback rear quarter and back panel, I would assume that these are genuine GM parts and also very difficult nowadays to obtain. I wanted only to buy the rear valance on its own but the lad who has them will only sell them to me as one item, I will split to someone only if both sell individually or unless someone wants them both. The price for the pair is £1200 but if someone wants them indivdually they are £750 for quarter and £450 for back valance. He also has offered me Ascona B 4 door front doors which are £175 each and one offside 2 dr Ascona B door for £400. Opel Kaddett D rear valance £75,wings £90 each,Complete front panel £350,doors for a 2 door Estate car £200 each, Rear offside quarter £500, He has also told me he has a Monza rear quarter £600, Varyajet Carb brand new £200, I will try to upload pics later but they are all brand new so apart from storage marks there is no problem with the parts.

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 Kadett D rear quarter £500 received_1131253523594745_zpszqkli06h.jp

Kadette D rear valance £75


received_1133035250083239_zpsrwfp9liy.jpManta rear quarter £750

Manta rear panel £450 and rear quarter £750


Ascona B Offside door £400


Ascona B 4 door doors 175 each


Kadett D spoiler £400 genuine Irmscher



Manta B spoiler £400 Genuine Irmscher



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