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dont no were to put this

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Helo dont no were to postthis,but i thort i shud to members,the white manta c reg rottong gte automatic for sale no log book,beware,hes not telling the true facts about it in his sales posting a lot of pork pies,be aware.i no the true storey and evidence to back up wot im saying  and full facks,pm in private.its not wot u read is gen.beware.

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Thats got callum Turner written all over it.

A piece of shit car for sale.

lying about the description. 

Living in a caravan in the middle of a field. Like the HILL BILLY HE IS.

or may be its his long lost twin.

But surely there cant be two scruffy,lying,thieving gypsey bastards in the world. 

Or maybe there is. 

After all we are in the 21 century. ..



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i was uying some parts last week from there rite place,this 1 of 3 mantas together owned by a guy,and they were all found in a field,and funny enuff the lad had them moved to a storage and funny enuff it was his boss,and wen he posted them it was same place essex,and the photos were they were stored was a caravan storage park in essex,and the lad who bort them 3 or so week ago i was offered it then next minute hes utting it back on the road,then i had problems with him egnorring me, cash had been exchanged by the way,but then i got the full monty of excuses,on facebook to try and fob me off,then i found out that he owed his boss money everybody money,and last week he said his boss was the caravan storage peron he owed the money to,and the parts offered the manta i was buying he give the manta to his boss to pay part of his debt off,so i had hell getting my money back,and he had a was told be sacked last week from there,but b4 i found out i got my money back,but there more to that,but then therewas posting of the car and vans in the back ground i got the fone number of and rang it,it was he ex boss were he worked b4 were he was working b4 he got sacked last week and he told me the whole storey of the lad,and the main point was money he owed everybody,and people paying for parts and him not sending them,alledgly he breaks 0 and 90 cars to make extra money,but then late last week he puts the white manta wotts up for sale for 495 ono and told me after i said id buy it for parts,he said it needs to go in the morning.well i said give 48 hour to get transport to ick it up.he said he can do it,for i pound a mile.i said my mates charge me 40 pence a mie,5 minutes later he said head slod it to somebody local,but wud not say,then over the weekend it popped up again,by the way same reg,and same dirt every were on it and by the way caravans stored al over the place in the picture but the car had been moved,but out side by the way caravan out side all over,and it up for sale 795,and hes stated part of his postng said hed had it for awile.my carama never ies anymore there nothing worth fight for,gwt my point hes lying,that were he got it from hes had it 7 days tops and no og bokok.but the old saying a picture tells a full storey,and the picture the car and the place and the background in the picture is wot iv put and wot happened to me over 2 to 3wks.

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i no his name the lad in question.est not to give any names away,ie the two names above i did not,my point is i may be wrong,but common sense justified me and real terms of wot happened to me,to much evdiences there something a drift,and something dodgey.my point is there has i think some underhand dealing,wen no loog book,im worried does he own the car,or does other partys,or i might e making a mountian of of mole hill.but my better judgment is to keep clear of this manta one of 3.the mount of scrap and lies wot iv had to put up with,beware,,with .

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Chill gary.

I know that it isnt callum. I was only comparing the fact that they are both lying cheating thieving scum bags.

That just so happen to both live in a caravan. 

I aint going to go into why I can't stand callum as there ain't enough hours left in the day. 

I will raise my issues with callum as and when I feel like it.

I know exactly where he is.


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