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Manta and Cavalier parts inc. some 6cyl and tuning bits

Jason b

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Due to a change in project direction, having recently acquired an extensively modified manta shell, I have decided to relinquish the 6cyl parts I have along with any cavalier specific bits.

The following are up for sale, prices and pictures to follow (though it may be the weekend before I manage to get photos etc. sorted.) This is a chance to request specific pics if interested, before I go and have a sort out. Collection from the midlands will be preferable!!

- C30NE bare engine (gold top head for those in the know) with big wing sump to suit manta cross member. I was told it has a courtenay head on it, and it certainly appears to have had the valve stems profiled and compression was very good at ~200psi across the board when I measured it. £150

- Engine mount brackets and 6-2-1 exhaust manifold to fit 6cyl - though the manifold could do with some work. £75

- Brand New Heavy duty (mk2 escort) 4-link fitting kit to suit salisbury 4HA -£200 (kit as per: http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=15458)

- Steel torque tube - £40

- Edis 6cyl setup with brand new coilpack, new coilpack connector and professionally refurbed EDIS6 unit. £75 (£100 including a 36-1 trigger wheel and spigot adaptor to suit C30NE)

EDIS6 Setup.png

- Polished aluminium strut brace (looks nice, not particularly functional) - £30

- Uprated rear springs.

- Black cavalier door cards in great condition -£30

.... I'm sure once I start looking, I'll unearth lots more bits and bobs I've forgotten about too!!


Responses by PM are probably easier,


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