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Hello and help please.


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Hello everyone,

I have just joined after recently purchasing two amazing cars!!!!  Two Vauxhall Cavalier MK1's.  One is a 2 litre the other a 2.2 race prepared!  I used to be obsessed with Vauxhall Astra Mk 2's.  Now I have two obsessions!!

Problem is, on my race prepared Mk 1, I took it for a drive (thats what its for!) and a beautiful, proud male stage of approx 300kg decided he wanted my road space more than me!  I never even got to kill the bastard for the venison.  My friend and mechanic decided he was not going to recover me as I did not have venison in the boot!!  

So after collision, a lot of steam and one very shocked driver behind me, I survey the damage.

I get off lightly, front nose cone and drivers side headlight unit.  Everything else is fine except the radiator core which was on its last legs anyway.

So help please!!!  Not like the deer who stood up, shook himself and had the audacity to look at me and snort as though it was my fault!!!!  I'll never forget that, he looked at me with disgust!!!

If you can help me please that would be amazing.






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Thank you for the replies!  You are not going to believe this!!!  I just found one on Ebay and won the auction with 6 seconds to go!!!  New old stock in steel for £205 including delivery.  Bit pricy but I now have one!!  

Any one got any headlights please?

Also, does anyone know anybody that could bash out my old deer dented one?

Many thanks


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