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Tailgate Strut Replacement


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Guys, just a quick tip in case you are interested.

For various reasons my SR Berlinetta hatch has been commissioned into service as a daily drive for the next few months. As well as a few additions to "winterise" the car I had to do something about the tailgate.

Now, for the odd pleasure trip in summer, a soggy tailgate was nothing more than a minor annoyance but, when you are using the car to carry stuff and loading it, after about two times of being hit in the back of the head by the boot latch of a collapsing tailgate you have to do something.

I went about sourcing replacement struts, or gas springs to give them the correct name. You can get them by finding the length, reach, etc etc but I found a company that did springs for all applications and actually listed a set for the Manta. Long story short, ordered Monday, arrived today ant they are absolutely perfect! So, if you find you are having trouble getting it up, link below:-


About 50 quid all in with the VAT and postage.

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