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17x7J alloys on an A series?


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Anyone running 17" wheels on an A Series?

If so what tyres and what issues have you come across?

Im currently running 17x7J with 205 x 50 types and i know these scrub the front lower valance on full lock (mostly when reversing) i was just toying with the idea of some nice 17" ones for Christmas!! but didn't want to get them and then have to sort out any issues the hard way :-)


Having had a look around im not sure the 17's would suite the A? i found this pic and it looks like they could be 17's and i think it looks like the wheels are too big for a standard car? thoughts? and mine on the 15's (this is how it use to look!! and now, i have dropped the front about 2" now)


Thanks  Andy






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On 12/28/2016 at 19:36, johnboy said:

This was my A on 17s, looked too big in my opinion, tyre fitter mate of mine commented that it looked "over tyred "



Hey Johnboy

Thanks for the pic, nice looking A :-) I think you are right, something to do with there being too much wheel for the arch. Maybe a 16 might just do but i think this has helped me to stick with the 15's and it will save me a few quid by not changing :-)  

Thanks  Andy

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