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AGM Information 2017 - venue and chance to put forward proposals

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11 hours ago, mantadoc said:

The club was not set up to preserve the club, it was set up to preserve the Manta. 

This pretty much hits the nail on the head ;)

Without the Manta there is no club, exposure is everything.

Im a bit of an odd example being on the other side of the world, but still, i consider myself a Manta enthusiast.

I want to come to this forum basically to share my build with other members paid or not, for which I have made a very detailed thread with plenty of pictures and information should anyone be stupid enough to want to emulate it..

I also want to see other members build threads and enjoy / learn from them.

That's basically all i want, and am realistically going to use from the club, but I cannot unless I Pay.......

I feel that's a fair issue for you to vote on at your AGM, if it was not discussed in the open section would you even realize it was an issue?


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11 hours ago, MANTAMAN said:

 This is WRONG, we are talking about people infront of them, which is down right bad manners.

this is an open forum where not only is it in front of them BUT it is open, they are included and can and are taking part.

This is far better manners than talking about "them" behind their back, to expand your analogy.

i see this as a matter for all site users, I do not see it as an "us and them" situation.

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12 hours ago, MANTAMAN said:

 You really do fall short of grasping what a club is, To influance the direction of a club you have to be a member of it, ANY CLUB, not just a the OMOC.

You appear to not realise that ALL paying club members have come from a much wider group of non-members and that an open friendly club is the best way of: 

1) recruiting people who want to be here as paying members

2) bringing "new mantas" into the club from non-members (sellers)

3) access to parts, rare or not, barn finds etc from non-members

4) makes the site more desireable to paying vendors that reach a much wider audience


Without replacement of cars AND paying members from outside the club there will be no club.

Cars  outside the club have to exist to ever be available to club members.

The days are gone when you have enough people with Mantas to be able to meet them on the roads and petrol station forecourts Andy suggest club membership, or recruit from your friends.


last time I chatted to a manta owner was between 2006/9 on a petrol forecourt in Accrington (it was Danny )


12 hours ago, garymanc said:

can't seem to reply on that , so no debate 

Same here.

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On ‎10‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 22:24, MANTAMAN said:

  I do have opinions on this issue but i will not debate them here, hence i have started a thread in the appropiate section,

And normal paying members cannot debate them there, can this be fixed?

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My 2 cents...I would vote against closing the forum posting to non-members, for the following reason:

Lets says I have a problem with my Manta in the morning. I post up a description of the problem, looking for help, on the forum. If this proposal is passed, a non-club member cannot offer me any advice or help. Therefore my chances of getting it fixed would be greatly reduced. How does this help me keep my car on the road? (BTW, if finally, in desperation, I post my issue on the Facebook page, and get the answer I needed, it's Facebook 1, Forum 0.)

I've got lots of help with various questions over the years. Although I'm a club member, I always post them in the 'Basic Tech Help' section, because it's open, thereby increasing my chances of getting an answer. 

What is the ratio of 'club members' to 'registered forum mumbers'? I guess maybe 1:4 or 1:3? 
Or the ratio of 'Club members' to 'Facebook page members'? I guess maybe 1:10?

So if we make this change, the chance of a person getting help with an issue, or any sort of question, on the forum, is greatly reduced than today.

Someone said that the club was for preserving the Manta, not the club, and this is bang on. If you've lived and slept Mantas for 10 or 20 years, maybe you don't need to ask too many questions, but for the rest of us, reducing the chances of getting the help we need on the forum would be a backward step., it would reduce the chances of us being able to continue enjoying our cars.


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  • 2 months later...




Please tick if you vote in favour of the proposal


The Forum should be open only to members to post for security reasons as well keeping the Forum a happy place without dispute and foul language.




 A ‘Delete Account’ function is added to the website with a further option to ‘Delete all content’.





Minor moan - the voting form mentions "security reasons" in one proposal, which always plays on folks fears.  And as seen I this thread, due to the non vetting of members anyone will be able to join so no security benefit exists.

Meanwhile the "Delete all content" doesn't make any mention of the "right to be forgotten" which I believe is in the data protection act.

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